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I wrote this on Thursday, March 26th, 2015. The State Funeral for Mr. Lee was this past Sunday, March March 29th.

It has been an interesting week and a half.

This week has been an emotional upheaving week.

All because of a death of someone whom I’ve never met before in person, but had such a great influence in my life, even without me being fully conscious about it.

Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, the first Prime Minister of Singapore, has passed away on March 23rd, 3:10 am, Singapore time.

I’ve never really been into politics, so to me, he was always just our Prime Minister who managed to turn Singapore from a third world country to a first world nation, together with his government and the hard working people of Singapore. That’s how I’ve always viewed him, and I am grateful for how Singapore turned out.

Because of the equal opportunities for all Singapore citizens, I was able to go to school, have a good education, and make a mark for myself in this world. I am able to hold myself up high wherever I go, because I am Singaporean.

In the past week, I’ve started to read about the man who has given so much to Singapore. I’ve also watched all the videos of the interactions and speeches he’s given.

Youtube is a wonderful thing. The accounts shared by others in their interactions with him, and articles written about him by the rest of the world. And as I read, I feel a deep sense of regret not making the effort to know more about him when I was living in Singapore and when he was alive. He was very consistent in his dealings with his people, his opponents, and with all things Singapore.

What makes me sad, and very disappointed is the onslaught of people who chose to bring up some of the more controversial things he had done while he was running Singapore at this time. At a time when a nation is mourning.

There are even people who said he should have died sooner. Why? What has the guy done other than dedicated his life to the betterment of Singaporeans and Singapore?

He may have been ruthless in the way he dealt with his opponents, and the international press… But he was consistent about it. His opponents knew what they were getting themselves into. And the world of politics and power is never about being nice and soft. I have not yet to see a successful nice and soft politician. I could be wrong, but I also do not see the need to be proven right or wrong.

What makes me sad is that this group of people are now retaliating, saying the rest of us are trying to shut them up by chiding them, telling them now is not the time to show disrespect to Mr. Lee. Saying that we are carrying on his legacy of the lack of freedom of speech.

Lack of freedom of speech? Really? How about not disguising your lack of disrespect, your disregard for our grief, our emotions, and our feelings under the category “Freedom of Speech”? How about just having that little bit of patience to put aside your lifetime grievance against Mr. Lee, just for the rest of us who are really sad about his departure?

Since you guys do not feel much for the guy, what is it to you then to hold off a little longer, just so you can give the rest of us who do feel a lot for him a more peaceful environment in which to mourn and to grieve?

So yes… I am disappointed with humanity in general this week. I am tired with all our constant need to say what we want when we want. I am tired of all the talk. I am tired of people who are selfish. I am tired of the ugly nature of us human beings. I am tired.

Till the next time I muse.


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