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A Long Break?

It has been more than 2 years, since I sat down to write something from the heart. Partly from lack of trying, and partly from having been sucked into the humdrum of daily life.

No other excuses.

But I also realized recently, that is okay! Life does get busy, people move on, sometimes they come back, and sometimes they don’t. And it is all okay.

That is the beauty of life.

I cannot believe how time flies. I have been a mommy for 4 years. 4 wonderful precious years. I have been blessed with a precocious boy, who brings so much joy to my life.

All those worries about terrible twos, tantrummy threes, and horrifying fours… Pfffft!

With Ethan, we sailed through Terrific 2, had oodles of fun through Awesome 3, and definitely looking forward to Fantastic 4.

My darling Ethan is turning 4 in less than a week’s time. No words can ever adequately describe the immense, heart bursting pride I have of this amazing little guy. I am just so humbled by the honor of being the nurturer of this precious little soul.

I have been consumed with the nurturing of Ethan, and have definitely forgotten about a girl that is just as important.

 The time has come for me to reconnect with my inner self. To integrate who I am now, with who I always am.

 And to lose that 30 lbs that I’ve gained from the last 2 years! =P

Till the next time I muse.



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