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A Mommy’s love

As I held Ethan today to get him to nap, I decided that I should just hold him for the sake of holding him, and not with the purpose of getting him to nap.

It was an indescribable moment of love, intimacy, and sweetness, as I held him, cuddled with him, and just look at him, even as he looked back at me with an expression that tells me he knows he is much loved and is safe.

For some reason, tears swell up in my eyes… just as this overwhelming sense of intense love swell up in my heart.

And as we locked gazes, my dear son’s eyes slowly drooped, and he gently fell asleep…. I almost did not want to put him down….

Ethan will be turning 5 months old tomorrow… It has been a roller coaster ride, with lots of ups, and some downs… I used to snigger when mommies tell me that no matter how naughty their children are, they are worth it…

Now, I truly understand a mommy’s heart…. No matter the amount of work, and how hard the work is, Ethan truly is worth it.

A mommy’s love truly is indescribable, and has to be experienced first hand.

Till the next time I muse.


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