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Today is one of those days that I was driven nuts by Ethan.

He drove me nuts on Sunday with his seemingly never-ending fussing, and then he was a superb movie date yesterday, and went right back to being a monster today. I was a little baffled by his ever changing moods.

I had a feeling by midday that he was going to be cranky because he refused to nap, and boy, was I ever right. I tried all the different ways to get him to sleep, but he would only do 15 minutes at the max.

By 4:30 pm, he has to be the crankiest kid in Toronto! *sigh* And I almost became a bald mom. I nearly pulled all my hair out from frustration, get it? Hahaha! 🙂

It’s easy to be amused by the past events, but at the time it was happening, time seems to stand still.

Anyhow, Wayne was a real darling. When he came home, and saw me close to tears while trying to soothe a screaming baby, he took the little guy from me, and told me that he’ll bring him out for a couple of hours. He asked me to take a nap, which I did.

And funnily enough, when I woke up an hour later, and found that they were still out, I actually missed the little guy.

So, what has my 13 week old baby taught me? Let’s see…

1. I realized that I really am a very impatient person. I have little patience for fussiness, and crankiness. I am a little ashamed to say that in the last 3 months, I must have yelled more than I ever had in my 35 years of life! How am I ever going to reach a point where I can handle fussiness and crankiness like a pro? Then again, I think the real question for me is… Do I really want to learn to handle fussiness and crankiness? Or maybe the better way is to learn to minimize the periods of fussiness and crankiness by learning to pick up the cues from my baby?

2. Babies ABSOLUTELY need their sleep. Today is a great lesson for me… If I had braved the lesser evil of taking him out in the awful heat, he would have been able to sleep while we were out (like always). I wouldn’t have to deal with the greater evil of a very cranky baby!

3. It is possible to rock the baby till the cows come home, and he is still bright eyed and bushy tailed! GAH!

4. My baby turns out to be more like me than I thought possible. He becomes cranky when he is cooped up at home, just like his mommy!

5. The most important lesson that Ethan has taught me… Even when I leave him to cry till he falls asleep, his little heart is so forgiving that his eyes still light up when I talk to him, he’ll still give me that sweet toothless grin, and gurgle when I finally calm down.

6. That I do love this little guy to bits, even when he tests my patience almost every single day.

From what happened today, I realize that I am a better mom when I get my break from him. And I am not going to feel guilty about wanting to be away from him for a couple of hours.

From now on, I will make a conscious effort to ensure that I get my break from him. Because only when I am calm, sane, and centered, then can I be the kind of mom Ethan deserves! 🙂

Till the next time I muse.


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